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Top quality merchandise is what we are all about. We make a range of powerful natural healing creams and stock a range of essential oils and herbal/vitamin supplements.

About Us

We met back in 1988. Maureen having been highly reactive to various medications used natural medicine on herself and her family for many years.  I trained in chemistry and metallurgy for 10 years then worked as an engineer, finally walking out with a bad back from the strenuous work and shutting the doors on that life.

Our creams were one by one born as an idea then created, tested, and then become a reality selling not only throughout New Zealand, but being posted around the world.

Years of experience has fine tuned our skills to make a unique blend when working with people to help them achieve wellness.

Mary Grave, TGA

I have been buying the Chest Clear for my grandson who is two and a half and his mum uses it also.  Grandson has mucousy Asthma and the cream clears it out easily.  By using it at the beginning he doesn't need his inhaler.


I have to tell you how fabulous your Breath Clear Cream is.  My husband is a much happier man, my snoring has gone from train wreck to heavy breathing which he can cope with.

Toni Millar QSM JP

Thank you so much for the sample of Natural Absorbent Cream Maureen. The Natural Absorbent Cream makes the most amazing natural 'Cold Cream' for the removal of all make up, including waterproof mascara.  No more chemical filled make up removal pads & clothes! Just remove with a face cloth rinsed out in warm water! It's so kind to sensitive skin, removing blemishes as well....


Aileen Cutting Gardner

Good morning and Happy New Year; feed back from Tendon Aid Cream - works like a dream.


A L Owens

Just a short note... have been using Three Wise Things a lot  as my wife ended up with gout in one foot from Meds she was given. Well, it worked really well combined with Epson salt foot baths.
As for your Arth-Ease; its just fantastic.
Keep up the good work! Many thanks.


I have Arthritis in the knees. It is the only cream that works. I've tried them all. Try "Arth-Ease" honestly you won't believe it. Wait 30 seconds and feel the relief!


Used Vitamin E Skin Repair for healing of skin after 6-7 tattoo removal treatments. Absolutely fantastic!! Fully recommend.


Catherine Adams

Hi, about two months ago I ordered a small pottle of 3 Wise Things. I wasn't really sure what I was going to use it for - didn't have any real ailments, but I started to use it on the backs of my hands at night. I've noticed a great difference! The skin appears smoother, less lined (I'm in my mid 40s). Thank you for what you do!

Healthy at any age

Helen Cocker

Wow this stuff (arth ease cream) is great, I got a sample at Karangahake fair last February. Thanks, it is my saviour!

Active Senior Man

Barbara Hand

Arth Ease Cream please, so I can carry it in my purse. This product is absolutely wonderful - thank you.

Local NZ Based Services

Romoco is situated at 16 Shoalhaven Street, Paeroa, New Zealand (so we are now back on the Plains) and we can be seen at Markets around about:- Thames Treasures (open 7 days), Paeroa, Whangamata, Karangahake, etc. Also available at "Earth Angel Magic" in Paeroa..  We are still doing Gentle Therapeutic Manipulation and great Massages, so call us on Freephone 0508 675 315 for  an appointment.

Shop hours are flexible on demand and our activities. Please phone to check.

I worked on a lot of backs at parties for years and we decided it was finally time to qualify with study, part of which we did while in Auckland then a 5 1/2 acre block on the Hauraki Plains with 4 children, chooks, ducks, pigs, sheep, calves and a huge organic garden. We acquired the old Turua Post Office where we manufactured and massaged from. We travelled to fairs and expos selling and working in all parts of New Zealand from Paihia to Invercargill for 17 years. 

We did thousands of neck and shoulder massages on a chair we designed and built.  Early on I found an ability to tune into people using a pendulum and developed a method of using a range of charts where by people can be checked for things ranging from mineral deficiencies to radiation poisoning, prenatal traumas, food intolerance or the need for a particular therapy which we may or may not have in our repertoire. 


We both have diplomas in massage and Aromatherapy. Maureen also has her diploma in Holistic Pulsing. I have a diploma in Herbal Studies, Gentle Therapeutic Manipulation (which has been expanded in collaboration with another practitioner to RIGHT Therapy) and practice Spiritual, Auric and Magnetic Healing


We often work together with clients, blending our skills and including skills learnt from various healers, masseurs, osteopaths, creating a unique blend of intuitional work on body mind and spirit helping to come to their full potential, often helping healers realise their abilities and clearing limitations.

Years of experience has fine tuned those skills to make a unique blend when working with people to help them achieve wellness. Diplomas and Certificates were achieved along the way.