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The ingredients are noted historically for the following effects:


Clove Oil- Neuralgic, Anti-rheumatic.  

Devil’s Claw – Anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory

Marjoram Oil – Warming, Nervine, Analgesic.      

Eucalyptus Oil – Analgesic, Neuralgic.

Wood Betony – Analgesic Nervine,          

Cajeput Oil – Warming, Analgesic.       

Horsetail – High in silica for flexibility

Vitamin C.     

Pukatea (NZ) – Strong analgesic, Neuralgic                              

Aloe Vera – Anti-inflammatory

Kumarahou (NZ) – Blood purifier


In a 10% Aloe Vera base without animal or petroleum products.

Arth Ease Cream

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