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The ingredients are noted historically for the following effects:


Wild Yam- Hormone precursors. Ovarian pain.  

Ginger Oil- Aches & pains, Warming, Circulation.                

Sarsaparilla- Male/female hormone balancer

Licorice root- Boosts Adrenals & Pancreas, energy balance, blood sugar balancing

Black Cohosh – Natural oestrogen, hot flushes                                                                                                                      

Black Walnut-Iodine for thyroid. Eliminates toxins.       

Blue Cohosh– Antispasmodic, inflammation,  uterine 

Evening Primrose-Skin and glandular food.     

Cypress Oil- Fluid retention. Antispasmodic                               

Chaste tree – Fluid retention, Progesterone/oestrogen

 Geranium & Ylang Ylang Oils-Balancing. Harmonizing.     

Cramp Bark- Uterine & abdominal cramp.         

Passion Flower-Nerve calming, Hot flushes


In a 10% Aloe Vera base without animal or petroleum products.

Hormone Balance Cream with Wild Yam and E.P Oil

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