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The ingredients are noted historically for the following effects and was developed in about 1995 after helping some people rid themselves of severe Psoriasis.Many of these ingredients were used internally so their choice for a cream is to enter the bloodstream and not only work externally as soothers.The results have varied from:-"A huge difference!" to "It has made life a lot more bearable."


Black Walnut – Parasites, eczema, cold sores, impetigo. Contains iodine. 

Vitamin E – Skin food, antioxidant, scarring.                                                               

Pau d’Arco – Blood and liver purifier, eczema, herpes, ulcers, scabies.              

Evening Primrose – Skin food and softener.

N.Z. Bush Bitters – Pain, boils, itching, blood purifier.            

Frankincense & Geranium Oils – Soothing, balancing for itching and other skin problems.


In a Coconut+10% Aloe Vera base without animal or petroleum products.

Psoriasis Relief Cream

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