The ingredients are noted historically for the following effects and this was developed firstly as so many people said,when I was describing the other creams' effects,"Half these problems would go away after a good night's sleep". We also found it very useful when doing Expos as we would have busy minds with travel,set-up and strange beds and always put it beside the bed.


Rescue Remedy – Relieving stress, coping with emotional trauma

Geranium Oil – Balancing over-active mind and body                                                 

Lobelia Herb – Muscle relaxant, hyperactivity, cramps   

Lavender Oil – Often used for sleep & de-stressing.

Hops – Nerve relaxing tonic, insomnia, pain reduction.         

Frankincense – Relaxes conscious mind, good for meditative state as well as skin irritants.                                                                                   


In a 50% Aloe Vera base without animal or petroleum products.

Slumber Time Cream with Lavender


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