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Contains: Bach Rescue Remedy and NZ Light Crisis Remedy.


If you have received a shock of any kind, some sudden bad news, if there has been a family upset or you are in sorrow such as before and at a funeral; if you are fearful or confused, even in terror or in a panic Nature's Rescue Drops will come to your aid by helping you to face up to these problems of stress. 

When you are awaiting some important news, about to take exams, attend a difficult meeting or have an interview; if you are going on stage, speaking in public, about to take your driving test or going to the dentist or into hospital, Nature's Rescue Drops will always help to relieve your apprehension; likewise, whenever  you feel 'up-tight', tensed up or unduly bothered, it is a good natural healer and can usually restore your balance and confidence.

On occasions when our mind is over-active or not at peace take a dose or two in the evening and before going to sleep but do not expect Nature's Rescue Drops to counteract automatically the disturbing effects of TV horror films and other exciting items seen and heard late at night – you must switch off in time. 

In all these problems, try to overcome them positively and use Nature's Rescue Drops.

Nature's Rescue Drops

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